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iPage directory listing
Every person creates a website for a certain purpose. It can be either for a personal reason, or for business purpose or for a social cause. Whatever the purpose of creating a website may be, if the website is not marketed or advertised properly, then the use and utility of that website is wasted. Drawing traffic to your website, to have more revenues for your website and most important, to get more customers for your business is the prime focus of every website. However, in order to achieve this, registering your website to the popular web directories such as Google, Bing, and other directories such as Yellow Pages etc. is very important so that whenever a customer searches your website on the search engines, they get your website enlisted in it. The iPage directory listing by the iPage web hosting company provides this service to their clients so that the websites of their clients get a place and stability in the search engines.
Why do you need directory listing for your website?
The need for directory listing is to enlist or register your websites to the search engines and other directories is very prominent. To increase the visibility of your website, everyday a new technique is coming forward. Optimizing your website through the content only, is not enough anymore. To make your website stand in the search engine optimization, listing your website on various directories has become very important.
                                                                          iPagedirectory listing:
The iPage web hosting company has a number of marketing tools that will make your website not only visible to the search engines but will also draw traffic to your website. Some of the marketing tools that iPage directory listing uses are: Google Webmaster tools, iPage Community Directory Listing, Google Adwords Bonus for only $100, Facebook Advertising for only $50 and Bing or Yahoo space search for only $25. They even provide a free toll-free phone facility for the domestic use within the United States of America and also a free enlisting in the Yellow Pages directory.
iPage community directory listing:
This helps to increase the marketing of your website. It is the process of listing the iPage registered websites to iPage directory so that it can help you increase the business and marketing of your website online. This also manages the categorisation of your website so that your website can be easily found by others and they are optimized in the search engines. The cost of directory listing on iPage is very less, just a $2.50 per month or $29.95 per year for a single listing in the iPage directory.
Tips for increasing traffic to your website through a directory listing:
Enlisting your website to the article directories is one of the most efficient and useful directory listing tips.
Providing back links to the article to advertise your website will automatically generate more traffic to the website.
Listing your website to the search engines is very useful.
But to keep an eye on the constantly changing SEO rules of the search engines is also another vital tip, so that your website is updated accordingly.

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