Friday, August 16, 2013

iPage Review – Let’;s Get To Know More This Hosting Company

There are so many web hosting companies today. This is why it’s essential to read a review about the hosting provider that you are interested with. If you’re interested with iPage, let this iPage review provide answers to your questions.

Knowing iPage
If you are looking for a web hosting company that can provide you a budget-wised hosting plan, then iPage is the deal. As a matter of fact, iPage is perfect for a blog and/or a business website that runs on limited finances.

Starting With The Price
Included in the list of affordable web hosting providers is iPage. When you read another review of iPage, you’ll know why it is called as the cheapest hosting company in terms of price. Its promo $1.99 a month really gained the attention of a lot of people who want to create a website. Of course, this price is no doubt the lowest, or if not, among the lowest hosting plan price ever.

The Hosting Plan
Although the hosting plan is very cheap, but the features you can get are no doubt high-end. This is because with the $1.99 a month hosting plan, you can get the basic features that are provided by all webhosts today. This includes unlimited diskspace & bandwidth, free 1 year domain registration, free website builder tools, e-Commerce for business sites especially online stores, unlimited email addresses, etc.

The Reliability
With regards to the reliability, iPage is indeed one of the most reliable web hosting companies. In fact, this webhost was given with a 99.5% Real Uptime rate of a credible review site. No wonder why a lot of iPage reviews are positive. However, if the server is down due to unwanted reasons that couldn’t be prevented, then you have less to worry about. This is because iPage offers Daily Backups feature in order for you to easily restore your website in times that some of the files were loss due to the downtime period. The good thing about the Daily Backups feature is the fact that it can only cost $12.95 per year. The server performance or speed of this webhost is also fast with 49.2ms.

The Customer Support
In this iPage review, you will also know the customer service of this webhost. So how good or bad is the customer support of iPage? Although there are some bashers of iPage across the web, but most of the reviewers or testimonials coming from real clients tells that iPage is good in providing real time customer support. By the way, you can reach the customer service people of iPage via phone or email. In addition, web support is also available.

To wrap it up, iPage is no doubt one of the best web hosting providers not only in terms of the price, but also the great features you can get with very low cost you  have to spend. If you did not find this iPage review helpful (according to your specifications), then might as well read other reviews so you can finally find out that iPage is for real.
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